Colored Rivets

Coloured rivets are used extensively in the Cladding Industry


We can offer 4.8 mm Diam multigrip alum rivets in the following colours.

RAL1002 RAL1013 RAL1015 RAL1018 RAL1028 RAL3020 RAL5003 RAL5008
RAL5014 RAL5015 RAL5020 RAL5024 RAL6002 RAL6003 RAL6016 RAL6028
RAL6033 RAL6038 RAL7000 RAL7002 RAL7005 RAL7016 RAL7032 RAL7034
RAL7035 RAL7038 RAL8004 RAL8014 RAL9002 RAL9006 RAL9010